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Matteo Mengoni Trio

Matteo Mengoni Trio

PBR Jazz – J 305

Werner Fischer & Fridolin Berger feat. denise Steinegger

Fisherger’s Fancy

PBR Jazz – J 303

Danilo Boggini septet feat. Flavio Boltro

Fil Rouge

Altrisuoni – AS 347

Amadou Diolo

Futur Continent

PBR Record – PBR 82096

Gilles Torrent

Jazz Inspiration Vol.3

Altrisuoni – AS 349

Virtual Symmetry

Xlive Premiere

PBR Record – PBR 82095

Johnny Duk & Dusty Old Band

Beautiful World

PBR Record – PBR 82093

Méditations créatives

par Fabienne et Françoise

Like Music – LM 82590

The Blues Mystery

Soul Memories

PBR Record – PBR 82094

Lewis Porter

Beauty & Mystery

Altrisuoni – AS 348

Alessandro d'Episcopo

That’s All

Altrisuoni – AS 345

I Trio

Around The World

Altrisuoni – AS 344

Virtual Symmetry

X-Gate Suite

PBR Record – PBR 82092


PBR Record S.A. (Ltd) is based in Switzerland and was founded in 1988. It specializes in music production and publishing, is a Member of IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) as well as SUISA (Swiss Cooperative for music Authors and Publishers). For more than 20 years, it has expanded its business in physical and digital distribution!

Production CD/ DVD/ Vinyl

Turn Key Solution
Optimal audio quality
Personalized advice, graphic creation (label, cover), pressing follow-up, promotion, distribution, edition, license…


Physical and digital distribution
Collaboration with numerous record stores and specialist retail outlets in Switzerland and abroad


In addition to its own 5 Labels
“PBR Jazz, Altrisuoni, PBR Record,
Like Music and Skid Lab”
PBR Record SA represents about forty Labels
from around the world in Switzerland, in different musical styles.



More than 50 Labels


Address: PBR Record S.A., CP 60, CH-1852 Roche
Phone number: +41 (0)24 466 80 05
Don’t hesitate to contact us. Please send us by formular an offert !